3 Day Refresh Results!

3 day refresh resultsI completed the Beachbody 3 Day Refresh this week and I was floored by my results.

Who would have thought that I could lose 6.3 pounds and 1.5″ off my lower belly in only 3 days… I sure didn’t!

How was it? Not too bad! Day one was the toughest for being hungry as I worked out my scheduling – key for me was to eat my next meal of snack before I became starving!
Other important things—> mix and drink the fiber drink ASAP before it gets too thick, don’t have snacks in the house that are going to tempt you and go to bed early so you don’t snack late at night!

I didn’t have any side effects… no rushing to the bathroom, no belly aches or cramping, and I came out of it with more energy and I even rocked a high intensity cardio workout at 7pm on Day 3!!!

2 days post and I have not gained the weight back as I am continuing to eat in reasonable portions with lots of vegetables!

I think this product is an amazing tool to help you kickstart a new workout, recover from a heavy eating weekend and just to get on track with healthy eating! Are you ready?

Lets figure out if this program is a great fit for you! Send me a message or come find me on Facebook.
If you are buying a challenge pack with a fitness program and Shakeology you can add on the 3- day refresh as a “kickstart” for a discounted price!

Want to learn more about the 3 day Refresh? Click HERE.

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