These are a few of my FAVORITE things!

Do you struggle with focusing on what everyone ELSE wants for Christmas and failing to think of what you WANT or NEED for yourself?  My birthday falls in December as well so I MAY tend to focus a little too much on things for ME when I am shopping.  My theory is that I need an item or two just in case someone tries the “combo gift” to help myself feel better 😉   I know my December birthday friends can commiserate with that one!!!

Let me share a few of my favorite things in case you need to fill your list:

Beachbody on demand1. Beachbody on Demand– the ability to stream workouts to my home TV or computer so I can choose any workout I like… cardio or weights or yoga! Or to follow a program that can get me solid results in 21 days or 6-12 weeks! PLUS meal planning and recipes!  A gym IN my house so I don’t have to try to make a plan for myself at the gym! Some of my favorite recent workouts are Barre BlendThe Work, #mbf/ #mbfa, and LIIFT4.

2. Blendtec– I can start my day with a shake and end it with homemade healthy ice cream! This blender can pulverize anything and help me make a fabulous creation!

3. Shakeology– this is the super food powder I use in my shakes (and sometimes my desserts). 8 different flavors to suit my moods and nutrition that I typically wouldn’t get in an average day of eating. Plus pre and probiotics, fiber, protein and the secret to my 9+ years of a happy, healthy body!  You can pretty much get a 30 day supply of Shakeology for FREE this month when you order the streaming workout – click HERE!

4. Bon Cook– the silicone muffin pans are my ultimate favorite, but the silicone sheets and perforated pans are used weekly in my house and the round flexipan is another staple. Have you tried these? I am a FAN!

5. Scentsy– my tree smells fabulous but when I really need a holiday boost I pull out my scentsy wax and my house smells fabulous! Christmas cottage, Homestead Holiday and Eskimo Kiss are a few of my favorite scents.

6. Beauty counter– do you want skin care and makeup that you can be comfortable is GOOD for your skin and your body? These products are amazing quality, safe and look fabulous. I love the dew skin tinted moisturizer, the eye shadows and the lipsticks – for the rare occasion is put anything on my lips 🙈

7. A warm winter hat– better known in Canada as a touque 🙂 These ones come in chenille too!

8. And a cozy scarf to go along with it <3  I went with hot pink to wear with a black jacket!

9. Water bottle – I never leave the house without one!  A 40 oz option definitely helps ensure I don’t run out AND I only have to fill it up twice to get the water I need for the day!

10. Do you struggle with your eyelashes too? I tried an eyelash perm 2 years ago – first one was pretty good, second one was a MESS!  Cue Lash boost by Rodan & Fields!  I LOVE how this makes my lashes longer and thicker so even mascara can be optional some days!!!  I use their redefine regimen now too!

11. Healthy snacks and supplements!  Beachbars, Energize (my go to pre workout), Daily Sunshine (great quick shake for myself AND for the kids), nuts… what are your favorite snacks to have on hand?

12. A meal plan that isn’t really a meal plan but a mindset shift so I can confidently eat at home, at restaurants, enjoy treats and feel good about knowing what is best for my body!  Tools to help with grocery shopping, cravings and so much more!  2B Mindset is great for the whole family too!

13. When you workout regularly you truly need to RECOVER! A post workout supplement can help, but also foam rolling, epsom salt baths, deep muscle stimulation with TENS (my favorite option) and my gift to myself last Christmas… my Massage gun!!!

13. Last but not least… some Vanilla Crown Royal – a perfect end of evening night cap; Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka… OMG, lemon drop martini ready to go; red wine, white wine and a bottle of sparkling wine on ice!  Now we are ready to celebrate!!!

Connect with me on my FB page to let me know if any of these are on your list… or if you are going to add them 🙂

FYI – There are some affiliate links included in the list but many are just referrals as everyone can use some extra business right now!!!

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