Accountability with prizes!

Accountability can such a key player in being consistent and moving forward on your health and fitness journey!

Every month I commit to photos and measurements.  I actually weigh in every day – not because the number on the scale defines me or my day, but because it helps me evaluate how I am doing with nutrition, with making consistent choices and prevents me from getting too far off track.  For me it is great accountability to my daily goals. That number though doesn’t show me as much as my measurements and photos do!

One pound of muscle weighs the same as one pound of fat… Right? A pound is a pound! BUT, that pound of muscle takes up less space!  It is more compact and streamlined. So you can weigh the same BUT look a lot leaner, and trim, and fit in your clothes better!

So taking photos monthly is a great way to see where you are, how far you have come AND, to help you evaluate if your activity is taking you in the right direction!

The KEY time for me to take these photos and measurements is at the beginning and end of my workout programs! It is fun to see my results and, an added bonus, I can enter my results to and earn a tank or tee and be entered to win MONEY prizes too!

I am offering an additional reason to do this month! And to earn that FREE shirt!

If you complete a Beachbody program and enter your results in the Beachbody challenge I will put you in the running to win a $25 Amazon gift card!

All you have to do is send me a photo of you in your tank OR a screen shot of the filled out challenge form!!!

Need ideas? Join me on in a 3 day refresh challenge in early December or join me as I take on The Work!

Are you in?  This is good for all Beachbody programs completed in 2019!

Then we will start again in 2020, as we are ALL a work in progress!!!  Our health is something we need to focus on for life… no sprints here!

What helps you with your accountability?  Do you have any tools that really help you?

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