It is back to school month!

It is back to school month!  Whether you have kids in school or not, I am betting you still have that nostalgic feeling of summer wrapping up and your schedule and focus changing a little!

I know there are a ton of kiddos who are a little sad that summer is over but they are also excited about seeing old friends, making new friends and about learning! Do you remember those days when we used to be excited and ready to face new things? Chances are that doesn’t happen for you very much anymore?!?!?!

What used to excite you? What goals did you have that you put out of your mind because life got in your way? Do you think you could dust some of those off and give them another chance?
Start slowly, just take one…it might take you a little while to remember some of them so no hurry, but get started now today…if you wait until tomorrow, it just might not happen!

Many of us mamas had a plan to always look the way we did when we got married…then kids came along and whammo…you thought that plan was gone. Guess what, that isn’t the case! You CAN make that body come back with a little hard work and determination! Chances are the dads ran into some roadblocks along their journey’s too! Hey, if your kids can go off to school all on their own, if they can learn the alphabet, multiplication and complete book reports, you can watch what you eat and lift some weights!

Whether it is a hard-core fitness program or walking around the block or eating right or playing sports or just shutting off the TV and reading a motivational book…do something for you. Do something that will help you feel better about yourself, help you go into each day ready to hit the ground running.

I want my kids to see that I am as excited and motivated about life as I want them to be. I am still working to reach some of my goals as I continue to recover from Rotator Cuff surgery, and then I will make some new goals. Are you going to join me for your own back to school month fun?

Key things for me to stay on track are a solid plan, the right tools, and a great support system!  If you don’t connect with a likeminded friend or group to help you stay the course it is REALLY easy to make excuses and quit on yourself!   Join me and let’s do this together!, [email protected]

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