What does being HEALTHY mean to you?

How would you rate your health?
The next question would be WHY did you give yourself that rating?

If you focused on how you feel, how active you are and what your latest health screening suggested then you may have a fairly accurate determination of your current health status… but if you instead looked at your belly roll, your outfits hanging in your closet that no longer fit or your neighbor down the street that you are envious of then you are probably not focusing on the right things!

Our health is so much more than our size and our “ideal” self that we are bombarded with in magazines and on TV.  Our health is based on how we are treating our bodies on the inside and the outside, how much we move our bodies (or don’t), and what we put IN our bodies – not just food and drink but also noise… all the things we hear and read effect our health too!

There are so many recommendations for exercise and for healthy eating. The basics are pretty solid now but be wary of new claims and magic pills!  In addition, we are told to aim for 8 hours of sleep each night, to reduce stress, to drink lots of water, to take vitamins, and to not smoke or drink too much.

A detail that doesn’t always get as much attention is our mental health and how it can be affected so easily by listening to the news and following social media every day… because these so often focus on the NEGATIVE things in the world.  Yes, it is important to keep up with the latest news but listen to a segment then move on.

An even better option is to listen to something that will lift you up or even grow your mind! Audiobooks are amazing when you are on the go or try a podcast as you can find one on every topic you can imagine – you just have to look!  Throw some fiction in for fun but challenge yourself to read or listen to some non-fiction on a topic you want to learn more about or try some personal development. I am currently reading The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor and loving every second of it.

Spend time with friends; travel; stop buying THINGS and instead save your money to spend on EXPERIENCES; find time to do things you truly ENJOY; find JOY in your everyday activities; and think of at least ONE thing you can be thankful for EVERY day! Add these to some regular exercise and fitness and amazing things may happen <3

So tell, me when I ask, “what does being healthy mean to you?” do you now have a different answer?  Would you rate your health better or worse than when you started this?

What health topics do you want to know more about?

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