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Sometimes people say things that really strike a cord with you…

When I was 10, I had a scar on my stomach from a fire (my nightdress caught on fire when I was 5) and we were talking to the doctor about making it smaller. My dad, not meaning to be cruel, said, “well it isn’t like you are ever going to be wearing a bikini, right?”  I was tall for my age and heavyset at the time and I remember thinking that he was right, that I clearly would never be a girl that could wear a bikini. I let that hold me back from getting fit and healthier earlier in life and let it limit what I thought I was capable of.

When I was 28, I was living in Ohio with my new husband.  I finally had separation from home, friends at two jobs and was figuring out who I was.  While I was flying home for a visit we hit some turbulence and I got a little nervous, as I often do in flights, and imagined what would happen if my plane crashed. I felt that I had some great friends that would really be saddened and, due to two jobs where I had some big responsibility, I felt I would be missed. I told my dad about this when we were out for coffee… “I think a lot of people would be really devastated if my plane had crashed”.  He probably agreed that people would be sad (he is my dad and means the best after all), but he followed it by saying, “I bet they would be able to manage quite fine though”.  I thought I was really making a difference in the world… maybe I wasn’t?

Self doubt, no matter what instigates it, is what holds us back from a LOT of things. We are capable of so much more then we give ourselves credit for but fear of failure leads to fear of trying, which leads to not trying many new things.

When I had children I thought that would be enough of “making a difference” as I was now the KEY to two beautiful beings. I LOVE being a mama and building up two amazing people but I still needed more. Helping other moms, not just in getting fit and healthy, but in building their confidence and in helping them see they are capable of more than they had given themselves credit for is soooo fulfilling to me and it continues to push me to be a better me!  Coaching others has been that “something MORE” for me and allows me to truly make a difference!!!

I cannot do this alone though – I need to find more mamas who need support in reaching their fitness and nutrition goals, and more people to help me help these mamas… because we are everywhere!  I hope this blog has struck a cord with YOU so you watch the video to see if this could be a good fit for you!

Do you like to support others and inspire them to work a little harder to reach their goals?

Do you want to share the passion and knowledge for being fit and healthy with others so they can get on, and stay on track too?

I am looking for some new team members to help me help MORE people! No experience necessary!!!

Please fill out my application and help me get to know more about YOU and simply WHY you want to be a coach on my team (or why you want to learn more). Are you ready to help people, help yourself, and do something MORE with your life?

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