The best way to get yourself rolling on a new exercise plan is to set yourself some goals!

I have set a few exercise goals over the past few years:  In November of 2006 my friend Shelley suggested we join the gym to work off the weight of two pregnancies, I jumped at the encouragement and we set the goal of “going to the gym” and seeing where it got us.  It wasn’t long before we challenged all of our friends to a weight loss competition.  Who can lose the highest percentage of weight in 2 months.  I narrowly beat out my competition, but that was just the beginning.  I set a lofty goal of reaching 170 pounds, 10 pounds less than I have ever been in my adult life.  I dropped 25 pounds within 8 months of starting my journey at the gym and have maintained that weight for over 2 years now. ( Note-I am 6 feet tall )

Last spring I signed up to run a half marathon (13.1 miles) on October 18th.  That would be in a week and a half from now, yikes!!!  I have continued my regular exercise program which is TurboKick twice a week, plus a class with weights when I can fit it in.  I have added some running when I can and pulled out 8 miles last weekend.  Finishing that half marathon will be another goal attained.  I have already signed up for my next half marathon in January….anyone wants to join me in Carlsbad?
I do have a new goal that I have started working towards.  I would like to get rid of that last roll, the muffin top, that protrudes when I do up my favorite pair of jeans.  So reducing my body fat.  This will take a combination of cardio, which I do a fair amount of, weight training, which I am working on increasing, and healthy eating.  I eat a healthy diet, but I tend to snack with my kids, I rarely say no to a cookie or a piece of chocolate cake, but maybe I can resist for two months!  Anyone care to join me in a healthy eating, just say no plan for two months?  They say that if you can say no to sugar for a week the rest is easy!

Goals can be big and outrageous, but starting small is always a good idea.  Plan to walk for 30 minutes once a week, once you get that under your belt increase it to 2 days a week…once it becomes a habit or something you make time for one your planner you can make it happen.  You make sure you get to work on time, you get your kids to school on time, you get to your doctors or dentist appointments on time, so just treat your exercise the same way.  Work at it for the next month then you can add to it!

Those of you already active make sure your exercise plan is written down and don’t be afraid to mix it up.  Add some extra weight when you weight train-the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn ALL THE TIME!  Running is great, but you need to add some hills, speed it up or run a bit longer if you want so see more positive results.  Your body adapts so you have to keep challenging it!

And if you want a good dose of cardio, come to my TurboKick class-Tuesday mornings at 8:30, Wednesday evenings at 6 at Body Xchange on Calloway and Rosedale.

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