Healthy Eating Requires PLANNING!

Have you ever headed into the grocery store when you are hungry?

How about without a list but you KNOW you need a few specific items.

What tends to happen?  Often it is a lot of extra CRAP that winds up in our grocery carts to either snack on while you drive home to appease the grumpy kids and/ or the exhausted parent or to lure us off course while we are home!  OR you get home and you are still missing a few key times!  A Little Bit of Planning goes a LONG way!

I know there aren’t always other options, especially when you are working or whizzing around the crazy family schedule BUT there are a few things you CAN do to help yourself, your waistline and your budget!

Make a list and stick to it – I often jot things down on post its, send myself emails or plug it into an app on my phone (If you have one you LOVE we would love to hear about it). I like to figure out where my key items are on sale, then choose that store to get the bulk of my groceries. Running to 5 different stores in one week is not possible for most of us to stock up on non perishables when they are on sale and switch up your ONE stop where you can get your best value.

Eat before you head to the store – or at least have a healthy snack!

Schedule your shopping trips. It may seem inconvenient to go out after dinner or early in the morning but if you can leave the kids at home or go while they are at school, your shopping time will be much more efficient and your sanity might just allow you to pass on that glass of wine!

My main stops are typically Costco, Trader Joes and whichever leading grocery store has seasonal fruit and/ or cereal (not an ideal way to start your day but stick with whole grain, non-sugary options and you always have a back up) on a great sale!  Plus I get a fruit and veggie basket every two weeks from a local supplier which ensures I add a little variety to my meals PLUS my monthly shipment of my favorite superfood shake, Shakeology for breakfast and/ or snacks for myself and the kids.  I also order some of my healthy basics foods from Thrive Market – competitive prices for hard to find healthy foods.  Key things… always value shop so you don’t get stuck in a “healthy is too expensive” mentality!  It doesn’t need to be too expensive!

Sunday is a great day for me to plan out my meals for the week, figure out what I need to buy and when I can squeeze that shopping trip in, and hopefully get some batch cooking in to ease the pressure of the busy week nights!

If you are looking for some more ideas on how to “clean up your eating” and make better food choices for you and your family please ask me about my “Clean Eating” Challenge groups! They start the first Monday of each month and are set up on Facebook with daily posts  – including motivation, support and some amazing ideas to help you get on and stay on track with your nutrition.  Comment on this post or find me on Facebook – just include a message of how you found me!

What are your tips for staying on task at the grocery store? Tell us about your favorite apps for busy moms!

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