Healthy Snack Ideas!

You know when you get so hungry that you feel like you could devour a side of beef?  When the urge to snack strikes, be prepared with healthy snacks so you don’t go crazy that you are ready to tackle the girl scout outside the grocery store. Keep fresh fruit on hand at all times and keep a stash of other go-to snacks like raw, unsalted nuts, homemade protein balls, and of course, Shakeology, Daily Sunshine, and Beachbars

Here are some easy-to-prepare snacks that are free from artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners because we all need Healthy Snack Ideas:

Popcorn: Munch on 2 cups of all-natural popcorn.
Nuts: A handful of 25 pistachios, 14 almonds, or 16 peanuts will provide the protein and fat your body needs. – I love getting the individual serving packets from Trader Joe’s to help keep me in check with my serving size!
Mini quesadilla: Melt 1 Tbsp. of cheddar onto 1 small corn tortilla. Top with shredded cabbage or diced tomato.
Strawberries and chocolate: Dip 4 or 5 strawberries into 2 squares or melted dark chocolate.
Jicama: Chop 1½ cups of jicama and add a splash of lemon juice and a pinch of salt for a tangy, refreshing treat. Even if you dip it in ranch you are still winning!
Carrots with hummus: Crunch on 9 or 10 baby carrots with a side of 2 tablespoons of hummus.
Eggs with guacamole: Hard boil an egg and replace the yolk with 2 Tbsp. of guacamole or hummus. or just add the guac or hummus on top of the yolk.
Mediterranean tomato: Dice one medium tomato and top with 2 Tbsp. feta cheese and a pinch of salt.
Edamame: Boil or steam one-half cup of unshelled edamame with a pinch of salt for a fiber-rich snack.
Olives: For a salty snack, enjoy 9 kalamata olives.
Celery with almond or any nut/ seed butter: 3-4 stalks of celery with 1-2 tsp of almond (or natural peanut) butter spread over them (not on each)
Apple slices with almond butter: slice and apple and dip into your nut butter – stick with less then 1 tbsp
Avocado on a multigrain cracker: slice 1/4 avocado and spread over a 5-6 multigrain crackers.
Brown rice cake with nut butter and sliced banana: 2 rice cakes with 1-2 tsp of nut butter and 1/2 banana thinly sliced.
Shakeology: blend with milk or water, ice and some fruit for a filling snack or meal
Daily Sunshine: Mix with 8 oz of water, shake and voila. 150 calorie snack full of vitamins and minerals.
Beachbar: 150 calorie bar with a good source of protein, complex carbs, and fiber. Perfect post workout or afternoon snack.

It boils down to stocking your fridge with fruits and veggies you and your family enjoy. Prepping the veggies you can so they are easy to access and quick to enjoy.  Stocking your pantry with brown rice cakes, wholegrain crackers (look for high fiber and low sugar), popcorn and nuts.  The key step you need to take is SERVING an appropriate portion so you don’t ruin your healthy choices when you have triple the serving size!  Aim for 100-200 calories and drink a big glass of water and see how you are doing!

Beachbody has links to more great snacks here: 20 more low-calorie snacks. On the go? Try these snacks that won’t leave a mess in your car.  Some more great ideas from Eat This, Not That.

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