How are you doing?

One month into 2018 – how are you doing? Is it time for a goal REset?

Did you set any goals for happiness and good health for the year?

The great thing about goals is that you can adjust them at any time and if you fall a little off course, you can refocus and get back on track!
Rather than focusing on what you CAN’T do and what keeps you from being happy and healthy… instead, focus on these things you CAN do to help you on your journey!

• Exercise 3-5 days/ week for 20-60 minutes.
• Figure out what you enjoy! Don’t force yourself to run on the treadmill if you hate running or you hate being inside – take a class or go for a walk – there are so many ways to “exercise”, you just have to find the right fit for you!
• Focus on vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats.
• Focus on fresh and homemade rather than processed and packaged.
• Healthy CAN taste delicious! You may have to experiment with foods and recipes but you CAN figure it out! If what you are eating bores you then search on Pinterest or pick up a new cookbook and try at least one new recipe each week. It doesn’t have to be complex to be delicious. There are resources EVERYWHERE!
• Educate yourself on what you are eating and what your body needs. We are not all the same so don’t focus on what ISN’T working for you, instead seek out something that WILL work for you. Again, trial and error may be necessary!
• Include your friends and family in your mission to be happier and healthier! EVERYONE will benefit! You will have more support to stay on track and you may inspire a few people to join you!

REMEMBER – the number on the scale does not define you! Happiness and Health are not about how much you weigh or your clothing size… they are about how you feel physically and mentally! You may look at these areas of focus and see no “happiness” for you, BUT, putting a little effort into fitness and nutrition NOW will lead to a lot more happiness down the road.
Are you on doing all of these things and on track? or is it time for a goal REset?

So learn to enjoy moving your body and eating a few vegetables a little more often! Your health and happiness are worth it!

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