SHK_Wk3_Day3_imageHow is 2015 going for you?

I just took my 30 day Insanity Max:30 photos and I wasn’t excited about my results. I have been putting in the work with my fitness, but I can look back at the past month and see that I didn’t put in the work when it came to my nutrition.

I have shared with you some fantastic meal plans and nutrition tools, have you been using them?

A key player in the nutrition game is planning and tracking! One meal (good or bad) here and there doesn’t win or lose the get healthy and lose weight battle… it takes consistency and a commitment to change!  The changes don’t have to be scary or dreaded, healthy can taste good – you just need to find the right recipes!

A tool that has been a game changer for me and I am putting into full effect this month is the “portion fix” containers and nutrition guide from Beachbody.  These are tools that come with the 21 day fix, 21 day fix Extreme and Insanity Max:30 Deluxe, but if you want to use them with ANY other workout – even if it isn’t Beachbody related, it can truly help you get a grasp on “what to eat” and “how much to eat”.

How many times have you heard, “eat in moderation” but wondered what exactly IS moderation… or you haven’t served out a portion and instead just eaten out of the bag with no idea how much you consumed (yep, just did that with tortilla chips at lunch- just because they were “organic” and had extra grains doesn’t mean it is OK).  What about trying a portion control plan to see what difference it makes to your health, your energy and your weight!  No counting calories, no weighing your food, just measuring and eating!

I am using these tools with Insanity Max:30 this month but next month I will be being super strict with what goes in the containers when I tackle 21 day fix Extreme.  A key part of my nutrition plan will still be my Shakeology.

Join me as I take on this nutrition challenge- support and encouragement truly makes a difference!
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I am here to help and support you – Please let me know how things have been going for you and where you need some help! Let me help you keep moving along the road to success!

Keep on focusing on making changes!  And make sure you stay connected!

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