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I am headed to San Francisco in 36 hours for my 1/2 marathon!  I’m excited, and comfortable in my naivety that this won’t be too bad…hills couldn’t possibly be insurmountable, could they?  I have done ZERO hill training, I have even cut back on the weights due to a pulled muscle in my hamstring that will not heal…could be all those kicks in Turbo Kick too I should think!  I will deal with that AFTER the race!  I am looking forward to spending some time with a few friends, no kid responsibilities, some shopping (we have about 4 hours after we get there before early bedtime), up at 5ish am, run, then a painful drive home.  I will make time for the massage booth before we hit the road though!!!

Injuries are of course another set back in exercise!  I let my muscle injury go for 3 months before finally realizing it was time to get it checked out.  I am now at physical therapy a couple of times a week…it hasn’t improved much, but hopefully next week we can cut out some activities…although I will not go down without a fight 😉  Maybe a 13.1 mile run will knock some sense into my hamstring to fix itself!  That has been my hope all along…magical recovery!

How is the walking going?  Running?  Biking? 3 to 5 times per week.  Make time for it, it is important time for you!  Next week I’m planning a “being selfish” blog!  Sometimes you need to be selfish to fit in what “you” need.  Just like haircuts, clothes shopping, eyebrow plucking…we need to find time for it!  Balance in our lives through work and play, parenting and volunteering and family…we need to fit what we can where we can and prioritize what comes first!

Now get out and exercise…I am going to stretch out my hamstring!!!

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