Thanksgiving Healthy Eating Tips

Is this annual event a free for all for your food consumption or do you maintain a little bit of self control?

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is focused on seasonal treats for many of us. It is usually the first event in 30+ days of holiday festivities!

What are your plans to stay in control this year? Are you ready for some Thanksgiving Healthy Eating Tips that won’t spoil the fun?

1. Don’t starve yourself all day in anticipation of excess calories at dinner! Eat a healthy breakfast, drink lots of water and go out and get some exercise!  Heading into dinner so ravenous that you feel you could eat the whole turkey will set you up to eat WAY more than you need to!

2. Be aware of what is on the menu. If you are hosting dinner you have a lot more control of the food choices, but even if it is at Aunt Mary’s home this year, ask what is on the menu and make sure you take a healthier side to contribute to the meal. We worry a lot about what others will think if we ask, but what if you had a food allergy or you were diabetic… these would require you to know exactly what was being served at every meal. Take control of your own health, it is pretty dang expensive to have someone else do that for you!

3. Don’t overfill your plate! Often we get so excited about getting enough of our favorites that we pile our plates sky high and end up with a belly ache. Try taking a little bit less this year, make sure you fill a large portion of your plate with some of the healthier choices and eat slowly. Have a small serving of your favorite foods that are maybe not the best choices… moderation is key here! If you need seconds then have some but give your belly a chance to digest first.

4. Wine with dinner? It is a family holiday after all and we are here to celebrate! If you choose to drink alcohol, stick with wine or a light mixed drink. Be careful with the mixers as they often high in calories and make sure you have at least one glass of water between every alcoholic beverage!

5. What about dessert? Moderation is key… again. How about a small slice of pie. How about saying no to whipped cream and ice cream… and maybe skipping the crust.

6. Leftovers? If you have a ton of leftover food you need to send some home with your guests, plan recipes to make use of some items and consider throwing others in the trash! If certain leftovers are going to sabotage your healthy eating day after day until they are all gone then GET RID OF THEM NOW!!!

Whatever you decide to do, be confident in your decision, enjoy it, but just don’t make it a free for all!
Staying on track over the holidays takes discipline and a little bit of sacrifice from our usual free for all plan! What steps are you going to take to stay on track this year?

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Want some support to help you stay on track this December? We have a 21 Day Challenge starting on December 3rd. Are you in? PS, there will be allowances for cheats and treats as we are looking at staying healthy, not cutting out all of the fun! Contact me to join via the social connection links!!!

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