YOLO – Live Healthy!

Have you ever uttered the term YOLO – You Only Live Once?  What is referring to trying something new? Doing something risky? Eating something decadent? Staying consistent with your health goals?

I bet it wasn’t staying consistent with your health goals yet in reality, if you want to live your best life then being fit and healthy is truly the best way to get the most out of life!  Eating all of the crap you want and sitting on the couch and watching someone else’s life play out on TV may feel fun but when you get up to try some of the activities for yourself you surely won’t enjoy them because you will have no energy, you will feel crappy and you will be looking forward to… sitting back on the couch!!!  Is that how you want to live your life? If so then you really don’t need to read this post!!!
If you do want to be engaged, to spend time DOING not WATCHING then lets start living a life in reality!

Think back to what you have enjoyed doing in the past – what are you drawn to watching on TV?  Finding activities you ENJOY is key to you wanting to keep doing them, to keep fitness a FUN activity!  YOLO- Live Healthy!

Myself, I have always enjoyed dancing at parties and weddings so Turbo workouts really keep me wanting to move. I enjoy obstacles and competition so signing up for mud runs and obstacles races gives me something to work towards. I started to play Tennis a few years ago, I realized that in order to really enjoy it I am going to need to invest some time and effort to get better as being mediocre wasn’t fun… time to amp it up a little. My cardio workouts and strength training at home help with this too!  I don’t just have one activity, I have multiple activities that I can turn to when I may not feel like exercising but I know they will inspire me to get the job done… so it doesn’t even feel like a job.
Have you heard the saying, you only regret the workout that you didn’t do!  ANYTHING is better than nothing!!!

The other factor in the equation is nutrition! It is OK to indulge, it is OK to try new things, even if it is a new kind of funnel cake at the fair, BUT it is important to be moderate about your indulgences and to balance them out with healthier choices. My advice is to aim for eating healthy 80% of the time. If you know you are going to have a big dinner and dessert then eat balanced breakfast and lunches with a focus on protein, vegetables, healthy fats! Personally I would have a healthy shake for breakfast and a salad with veggies, 1/4 avocado and grilled chicken and/ or hard boiled eggs chopped on top. Add in some homemade balsamic vinaigrette and you are set!
If you cut out the deep fried foods, white breads, white pasta, white rice, chips, soda and any sugary treats then you are already taking steps forward. Add in extra veggies and drink lots of water and your body will start doing a happy dance!

Don’t wait until your doctor tells you that you are prediabetic or you need to start cholesterol meds, don’t wait until your family is leaving you behind when they go for walks or bikerides, don’t wait until you are stuck with nothing to wear as none of your clothes fit… start making changes now, even if they are just small changes. Small changes over time (in the right direction) add up to big changes down the road!

Yell out YOLO whenever you start that workout or when you turn down a donut with your coffee and focus on living your HEALTHIER life as truly, You Only Live Once!!!! YOLO – Live Healthy!

I would love to hear what you enjoy doing to improve your health. What do you do to be a healthier you?
Looking for ideas? I have a ton. Start with checking out Nutrition Fix, Fitness ideas, 21 day challenge

Let’s connect to get your rolling so YOLO – Live Healthy is your motto too 🙂
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